I have worked in many areas of the Entertainment Industry over the last 30 years.

One of my favorite and rewarding experiences was starring in the 2003 AFL CAMPAIGN.

The Campaign included many TVCs, Radio, Stills, Interviews and more.

It was a long Audition Process and  I worked alongside a very talented team.

Glendyn Ivin (Penguin Bloom, Safe Harbour, Puberty Blues, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart) was the Director.

He was very supportive and I learnt a lot watching him in action.

Oscar Winner, Greig Fraser (The Batman, Dune, Lion, Foxcatcher) was the DOP for the whole Campaign.

I played one of the Heroes of the Campaign and it ran for the whole Football Season.

My character Warren was one of the Heroes of the Campaign. He was a Turnstile Attendant, who was excited about each round of the footy.

I have had many Acting Roles since, however, this experience left a lasting impression on me.

I was lucky enough to work with an extremely Talented Crew, whilst learning many facets of the Industry at once.


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